Stephen Spaise (Davul, Darbuka)

Stephen Spaise has been playing Darbuka, Def, Zilli Def, Davul, Drum Set, and many other drums for almost 30 years. Of Greek extraction, he grew up surrounded by music and dance - the common thread between so many different Mediterranean cultures. Initially starting out on Guitar and then Bass in the 1980's, his intention was to play rock, progressive rock and progressive metal but then he slowly gravitiated towards percussion and soon found himself heading... east. Stephen's primary focus for over two decades has been Arabic music - folkloric, popular, and classical - but he is also equally at home with Turkish, Balkan, Irish, Persian, Reggae, North and West African, Flamenco, and Hindustani music. 
A mainstay of the Twin Cities world music scene, he also plays with the Other Country Ensemble (Music from other countries), Amwaaj (Arabic Classical) and Ensemble Mezze (Pan-Mediterranean). Stephen continues to hone his skills, most recently taking instruction from internationally renowned percussionists Karim Nagi, Susu Pampanin and Souhail Kaspar.

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Yigitcan Eryaman 

(Lead Vocals & Acoustic Guitar )

Dr. Yigitcan Eryaman has been performing acoustic guitar music publicly for 15 years in both casual and concert settings. He studied classical guitar repertoire with Turkish guitarists Ismet Ertas  and Ozgur Arica. He then focused on  developing his own musical taste and style, and started to arrange songs from different musical genre. He is passionate about covering traditional music from all ethnicity as well as rock, metal, and pop songs with his acoustic guitar. In addition, he enjoys composing his own music whenever he is inspired. He is a "McKnight Musician Fellowship" finalist (2016)

He also works as a researcher and develops  new engineering solutions to improve Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

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Greg Herriges (Bozouki, Guitar,Keyboard,Vocals)

Greg Herriges is a guitarist, bouzouki player, and composer with over 30 years of performing experience. With an early background in progressive rock and fingerstyle guitar, he has studied ethnomusicology and integrated the music of many traditions into his own style. Having worked with Hindustani, Chinese classical, Javanese, and Iranian musicians, he is excited to dive more deeply into the complex depths of Turkish and Balkan music.

Greg has received an Archibald Bush Artist Fellowship for Music Composition, as well as grants from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council/McKnight Foundation and local Twin Cities arts organizations. Also a writer and editor of music publications, his most recent book/CDs, World Guitar and Guitar Explorer (published by Hal Leonard Corporation), explore the stringed traditions of the world with new approaches on the guitar. He was composer and music director for the 2010-2013 Minneapolis Mayday Ceremony, and regularly accompanies many other theater productions including Children’s Stories from India. He has also created soundtrack music for independent documentary films and TV spots. Performing is his lifeblood; he gets equal satisfaction with cross-cultural ensembles and as a solo performer.