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​- Awara Hoon (A tune from 1950's which became hugely popular across the Indian subcontinent, as well as in the Soviet Union,China,Turkey, Afghanistan, and Romania. )

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Anatolia (modern Turkey) and Balkans have so much common in culture, rhythms and melodies. Uskudar Eclectic plays Turkish & Balkan folk and popular tunes, progressive rock influenced originals, Indian subcontinental flavors and  songs from many other stops along the way.

Uskudar Eclectic

Concerts and Live Performances

The Music


Turkish & Balkan

Music Band

-Little Mekong Night Market Concert(June 11,2017)

-Mankato State University Concert (Apr 9,2017)

​-Pass the Torch: A Concert in Memoriam of Dr. Erfüz Edgüer (MacPhail Center) (Apr 5th,2017)

​-Bridge to Turkey Fund Benefit Concert,Honey Bar, Minneapolis(Dec 4, 2016)

-Rosemary and Meredith Willson Harmony for Mayo Concert at Mayo Clinic, Rochester(Sept 12, 2016)

-Rakkas Minneapolis (Aug 30-Sept 1, 2016) 

-Festival of Nations(2016)

-Singer&Songwriter Series at Patrick's Cabaret  (Feb 19,2016)

-Performance at James J Hill Library,"The World Live at the Hill" (Jan 14,2016)

-Performance in Turkish American Association of Minnesota (Nov 7 2015)

-Opening performance in the "BABAZULA" concert @ "Mill City Nights"(Nov 1,2015) 

-Concert in Hosmer Library-World Music Series(Sept 26,2015)

-Live Performance in the "Century Song" radio program in KFAI Radio(Sept 21,2015)

-Black Dog Cafe in St.Paul by Nickolai Kolarov and Yigitcan Eryaman

-Live Performance at KFAI Radio,Balkan Jamboree Show (July 7,2015)

-Concert in German American Institute in St.Paul (May,2015)

-Feierabend Concert  in German American Institute in St.Paul (February 2015)

-Republic Banquet Concert  in Turkish American Association of Minnesota (October 2014)